LWSD! August shoot

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We completed our latest Look What She Did! shoot at the end of August in Julie’s backyard (and two in the front yard– we got wild). Our all-gal crew was amazing (!) and we filmed nine interviews in just one weekend, our biggest shoot ever. Two incredible, inspiring days filled with crazy-great women talking about other crazy-great women. Stay tuned, we’ll be posting new videos soon.

Here are some of our newest co-conspirators (click on image to enlarge):

Downtown Women's Shelter communications director Ann-Sophie Morisette on homeless advocate Mollie Lowery

Downtown Women’s Shelter communications director Ann-Sophie Morisette on homeless advocate Mollie Lowery

Musician/writer April Wolfe on badass aviator Pancho Barnes (yes, she's a woman...)

Musician/writer April Wolfe on badass aviator Pancho Barnes (yes, she’s a woman…)

Playwright Laural Meade on suffragette Sara Bard Field

Playwright Laural Meade on suffragette Sara Bard Field

Filmmaker Tamar Halpem on journalist Nellie Bly

Filmmaker Tamar Halpem on journalist Nellie Bly

Actress Elisa Bocanegra on playwright Maria Irene Fornes

Actress Elisa Bocanegra on playwright Maria Irene Fornes

Screenwriter Anna Thomas on anthropologist Carobeth Laird

Screenwriter Anna Thomas on anthropologist Carobeth Laird

Sonay Hoffman and the Revolutionary Hannah Crafts

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Hi friends,

Take a look at the newest addition to the Look What She Did! Family!

Writer Sonay Hoffman tells the story of Hannah Crafts, a former slave who risked everything to write her novel. As a slave and later, during her daring escape, the self-taught Hannah secretly penned a historic narrative whose discovery and worldwide reception over 150 years later would have been unimaginable then. We hope you’re as inspired by Hannah’s bravery and passion as we are! Visit our VIDEOS page to watch the full video.

Our First Board Meeting and Susie Landau Finch on Milena Canonero

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We’re delighted to tell you Look What She Did! is now a Federal 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We convened the first meeting of our Founding Board of Directors on Sunday May 15th, 2016. It was an inspiring gathering of brilliant women in support of our project and we are truly grateful for their wisdom and vision as we create a sustainable organization to celebrate women of achievement long into the future <a href=

Look What She Did! Website Launch

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We are so excited to launch the official website for our backyard video project: Look What She Did!

This will be your hub for all things Look What She Did! We will continue to pack it full of stories of amazing woman doing incredible things. It’s time to get these women on the radar so they can continue to inspire this generation and generations to come cloud collaboration tools.

Please explore the site and enjoy our videos, including a brand new addition: Cyndi Finkle on Julia Margaret Cameron. Find out how this 19th Century photographer not only changed the way we view photography, but also changed the path of Cyndi’s professional life!

Check back often as we continue to add new videos… and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Look What She Did! Behind the Scenes – Dec. 5, 2014

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Here are a few photos from our two-day Look What She Did! shoot in Julie’s Backyard…

We had Dr. Julie Sgarzi speaking about Jungian analyst Gilda Frantz who at 87 has just published her first book.

Activist attorney Ruth Cusick told us about Magdalena Aguirre a woman who escaped the civil war in El Salvador then sent money back to her family over the years to fund a family compound of four houses.

We had a blast listening to the stories of these amazing women and recording them for you. The edited interviews will be posted soon.


Meanwhile, hearty thanks to our generous and talented crew this time around, including DP Ellie Ann Fenton (seen here with Director Julie Hébert.)


The crew also includes Producer and Sound Engineer Courtney Graham, Producer and Bon Vivant Jill Klein, and thank-god-they-know-how-to-do-this-stuff Editors Farrel Levy and Franzis Muller.

This project couldn’t happen without a lot of women giving a lot of time and we are so grateful to you all. More fun to come!

Look What She Did! – New Interviews

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Happy to say we’ve posted six new interviews on the Look What She Did! YouTube channel. Check them out here:

Look What She Did! YouTube Videos

Ellen Gavin, Roberta Levitow, Julie Sgarzi, Alice Tuan, Melinda White and Ruth Cusick tell us about some amazing women– women you need to know about, including a founder of the ACLU, an El Savadoran immigrant, a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, and Mother Uganda. The women being interviewed are as interesting as the women they’re talking about. We’ve fallen in love with them all. See for yourself.

Support our little dream project by clicking the link and subscribing to our channel and you’ll be the first to know when we post new interviews. Say “Yes, we want to hear from these women. Yes, we want to hear about these women.”  Click and enjoy!   <a href="https://www.youtube best online collaboration tools.com/user/lwsdchannel” target=”_blank”>https://www.youtube.com/user/lwsdchannel/videos


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So proud to present our very first Look What She Did! interview with the audacious Jill Klein.

This is a project dear to my heart where we interview great women talking about other great women who have inspired them. We’ll be posting new interviews over the next few weeks, so keep checking in here and on my Facebook page.

We just finished another shoot this past weekend of six new amazing interviews which we’ll be sharing with you in the New Year visite site.

Help us kick off Look What She Did! by forwarding the links to the interviews, liking the FB page and subscribing to our YouTube channel.

We are in the early stages of this project which I hope will go on for many years– as there are many astonishing women in the world– and we would very much appreciate your support. Thanks!

Look What She Did! – Behind-the-Scenes

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Sunday September 7th 2014 was the first official shoot for Julie’s new backyard video project Look What She Did! Julie Interviewed four kick-ass gals talking about women who have inspired them, women who have done amazing things to improve our world, but who are not as well-known as they should be.

Look What She Did! was created by Julie and Jill Klein after they served on jury duty at the Clara Shortridge Folts Criminal Justice Center in downtown Los Angeles, and began to wonder who the heck is Clara Shortridge Foltz and why haven’t we heard of her??? They researched her, discovered Clara’s many accomplishments, the foremost of which is that she was the first person to envision and establish the Public Defender system in the United States. Crazy. Naturally, the next thought was… imagine how many other amazing women are out there, past and present, who have done incredible things for our society but somehow are lost to history web based collaboration tools. Julie and Jill have set out to celebrate these unknown powerhouses by asking interesting women to talk about the women who have inspired them with their achievements, their fearlessness, their dedication to making the world better. We want to know about these women, we want to discuss them, we want to remember them. We are in the process of editing our first set of interviews with Jill Klein, Brighde Mullins, Zakiyyah Alexander, and Laurel Ollstein, and will let you know when you watch them online; meanwhile Julie invites you to take a behind-the-scenes peek at  Look What She Did!

This is the first installment of our journey through the lives of fascinating, accomplished women. Send us suggestions for interviews on Our Contact Page; we are collecting names!