Women’s History Month Benefit Brunch 2020

Women’s History Month Benefit Brunch 2020

In honor of Women’s History Month we gathered for a benefit brunch on March 1, 2020 at Akasha restaurant in Los Angeles. It was electric to be in that room with so many beautiful, powerful women dedicated to helping each other and preserving a legacy of untold stories of astonishing women. The highlights video we’re sharing today was created by Aniya Wolfe, a young, wildly talented filmmaker who captured the excitement and commitment to our mission. Please watch the short video below to hear what our event attendees have to say about Look What SHE Did!.

“I believe in Look What SHE Did! because I believe in legacy making and legacy keeping.”

Shelby Jiggetts-Tivony

“If we don’t celebrate our diversity that unity will not be possible. It will become uniformity.”

Sholeh Wolpé

Photos from the 2020 Look What SHE Did! Benefit Brunch