We bring vital stories of women to the forefront of our culture.

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Look What SHE Did! is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with the mission to inspire women and girls to greatness by bringing to light stories of remarkable women who changed the world. We create short films and events featuring female storytellers celebrating women who inspire them, freely offering our films to be viewed, discussed and enjoyed.


Women throughout history have been inventing, leading, organizing, creating and making the world a better place despite gender injustice. If women knew about these inspiring stories that have been kept from them, would they be bolder and have more willingness to persevere? At Look What SHE Did!, we believe they would.


Serving on jury duty in downtown Los Angeles in 2014, writer/director Julie Hébert and actor/designer Jill Klein became curious about the prominent criminal courts building named after a woman they’d never heard of, Clara Shortridge Foltz. They later discovered Foltz was a single mother of five who was the first female lawyer in California and pioneered the Public Defender Program in the United States, among many other firsts in her incredible life. This led Julie and Jill to wonder— how many other amazing women have we not heard of? 

Look What SHE Did! Founders
Look What SHE Did! Founders (left to right)
Farrel Levy, Julie Hébert, Jill Klein and Courtney Graham

Spurred by a desire to do something— no matter how small— Julie hit on the idea of producing a short video in her backyard interviewing Jill talking about Clara Shortridge Foltz. With borrowed film equipment and a team of friends, they made a short film and posted it to social media. That first story was viewed online hundreds of times, and the idea of producing short films with women discussing their unsung female heroes took off. 

Since incorporating as a nonprofit in 2015, Look What SHE Did! has produced 150+ three to four minute films of women telling the stories of the trailblazing women who inspire them.