Renée Threatte on Ruby Bridges

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Last weekend’s powerful #OurLivesMatter marches and speeches remind us all of the determination of young activists. Our latest video spotlights another young activist— six year old Ruby Bridges who stood up to virulent racism and persevered. Actor/writer Reneé Threatte recounts the emotional story of this little girl who integrated a New Orleans elementary school in the midst of hatred and violence. Renée opens up about what Ruby’s story means to her and what we can all learn from this child’s courage.

And, we are delighted to announce we reached 97% of our goal this past weekend! Thank you to EVERYONE who donated. Your support means so much to us as it allows us to continue to tell these amazing stories. We’re extending the fundraiser for a few days because donations are still coming in and we are certain to reach 100% of the goal soon.

Watch the video here.

Behind the Scenes with Courtney Graham

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Hi! I’m Courtney, co-founder and producing director of Look What SHE Did! Here’s a video of me being scrappy during last year’s Ebell Women’s Club shoot! I’m so proud to be building this organization with an incredible team of creative, industrious women. I love how we all seem to be at our best when we’re getting our hands dirty and figuring things out as we go. That can-do spirit fuels our organization and the lives of so many of the incredible women we’ve learned about over the years through our project. Help us keep growing and inspiring: DONATE!

Women’s History Month Kick-Off 2018

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What a day! We kicked off our Women’s History Month celebration and fundraising campaign on February 25 with a lunch featuring Felicity Huffman and our storyteller Khanisha Foster. Guess who else showed up: William H. Macy! So much fun. It was an energized, inspiring afternoon focused on our theme #TellHerStory. We challenged everyone in the room to Tell the Story of an amazing woman who inspires you during Women’s History Month. Will you join us? Hit the DONATE button at the top of the page, and watch Felicity Huffman’s video on Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Photos by Sevdije Kastrati and Rose Shulman-Litwin

Jesse Bliss on Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

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Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz was a bisexual Mexican nun, writer, inventor and more who became controversial for her 17th Century feminism. Playwright Jesse Bliss tells Sor Juana’s story and explains why it gives her hope for women today.

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Watch the video here.

Behind the Scenes with Farrel Levy

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My name is Farrel Levy and I am the lead editor and a director for Look What She did.

I came on board when Look What She Did was not officially launched but was actively germinating in Julie’s and Jill’s minds. I loved the idea of women talking passionately about women who have inspired them and then sharing those stories with the world. The concept became a reality the first day of actually shooting the videos in Julie’s glorious backyard and I did not want to miss it. As I watched those women sit and tell about the women who had moved them, I was captivated by these true stories I was hearing for the first time.

After these first interviews were shot, Julie and I played around with the editing, to try to come up with a signature style that would reflect how Look What She Did would present itself. We aimed to pack in as much as much as we could in a roughly 3 ½ minute video. As these important stories unfolded, we discovered that storytellers’ love for her subject was a compelling element that needed to be felt as well. We decided to make sure their personalities shine through by including their laughter, tone of voice or facial expressions. The backyard setting, and the casual style that runs throughout all the videos, is informal and we wanted the editing style to be loose and informal, too.

I work with a talented bunch of women editors to make these videos happen. Because we work from longer interviews, we have the opportunity to learn that much more about these amazing women. It is a treat, but there is so much really interesting stuff that we have to cut out. It’s always difficult to decide what will be left “on the cutting room floor” because these women have all contributed so much and the women who talk about them are always enthusiastic about sharing their accomplishments. The women doing the talking, all dynamic in their own right, are actually revealing their own values, so each time we edit an interview it is a fascinating revelation about the subject and the person who is on camera. Everyone on our editing team feels proud to be identified with all of these fabulous women.

As a professional television editor I know the power that good stories have over all of us. It is my hope that as viewers engage in our videos, the compelling stories of these real women will play a role in continuing to tilt the cultural landscape in favor of empowered females young and old. Like all great heroines, the women I was learning about that first day of shooting, and continue to learn about as I edit these interviews, are brave, they have a vision, they are smart, they believe in themselves, they persist against all kinds of odds and adversity, they have spunk, they are creative, they are compassionate, and if we pay attention, they can show us the way forward.

– Farrel

Gaby Dunn on Christine Darden

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Dr. Christine Darden started as a “human computer” at NASA, fighting sexism and racism to advance as a leader, building a 40-year career there. Hear influencer and New York Times best-seller Gaby Dunn tell Darden’s story, reminding us what can happen when you advocate for yourself.

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Watch the video here.

Behind the Scenes with Julie Hébert

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Here’s a behind-the-scenes snippet from our Look What SHE Did! shoot last year at the Ebell— you’ll see I’m not nearly as comfortable on camera as I am behind the camera! Watch, and if you support what we’re doing, please DONATE to our fundraising campaign, whatever you can give will be GREATLY APPRECIATED. We rely on you to keep doing this work.  – Julie

Felicity Huffman on Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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We are especially thrilled to share this month’s interview with you. I remember Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s bruising Congressional confirmation hearing and the unfair way she was treated. I will never forget her poise in the face of those overt sexist attacks. I was yelling at the TV screen on her behalf, but she modeled another way of responding; she took every insult and provocation as an opportunity to set the record straight in a thoughtful way. They couldn’t rattle her. I’d never seen anything like it. Her reasonable, modest approach undermined their accusations that she was some kind of extremist feminist who would destroy the morals of the nation. She was a teacher for me in those moments and I’ll always be grateful to her. I’ve called on her spirit of articulate equanimity many times since then.

When my dear friend Felicity Huffman said she wanted to tell us the story of Justice Ginsburg, I was in favor of celebrating this amazing woman though she is more well-known than most of our subjects. Felicity uncovered anecdotes from Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s early life that will surprise you, and you’ll see how personal it is to Felicity when she opens up about what she wants her daughters to know about the Notorious RBG.

Watch the video here — you’ll be glad you did– then comment freely and share it widely.

This launches our annual fundraising campaign during Women’s History month. We’ll be posting a new video each week, rather than once a month like we usually do. We’ve got some super interviews to share with you in the coming weeks. Please do help us by donating what you can and spreading the word about our stories.

Our theme, #TellHerStory, resonates with all the women’s voices being raised right now. While many of us have shared difficult #MeToo and #TimesUp stories, Look What SHE Did! covers different ground– presenting stories of astonishing female accomplishment, women who have changed the world despite the obstacles. We need your support to keep doing that. This organization has the potential to grow into a significant force for good. Thanks for giving generously. Much appreciated.

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– Julie

Youth Blog: The Archer Shoot Part 3

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The Shoot!

It is a beautiful thing to finally see something you have spent so much time on come to life.

November 5th was a day I had been looking forward to for almost six months. As the four other Archer girls and I showed up to Julie’s house, we entered into a familiar, all-female environment. It was so odd to think that all the hard work and preparation was about to come down to the next five or six hours. We were excited to soak up as much information as possible from our Look What SHE Did! mentors and then begin working by ourselves.

These were our roles for the day:
Cat Oriel: Producer
Sophie Evans-Katz: Cinematographer
Lucia Barker: Director
Rose Shulman-Litwin: Photographer/Interviewed about artist Hannah Wilke
Nelly Rouzroch: Sound recordist/Interviewed about journalist Ethel L. Payne

Similar to the Ebell Shoot, my tasks included making sure we stayed on schedule, updating the slate and changing camera batteries. Since I had already shadowed Courtney, I got to work right away backing up data.

The plan was for us to watch the Look What SHE Did! crew do two interviews with social media influencers Brittany Ashley and Gaby Dunn, and then for us to take control for the last two.

First, we observed Sev Kastrati work behind the camera as Julie directed and interviewed Brittany Ashley. Brittany spoke about research professor Brené Brown, who is well known for her TED Talk entitled “The Power of Vulnerability.” For the second interview of the day, Gaby Dunn spoke about NASA aerospace engineer and mathematician Dr. Christine Darden.

In the afternoon, it was our turn. Rose spoke about artist Hannah Wilke, and then Nelly told us about journalist Ethel L. Payne. Lucia asked them questions, while Sophie filmed.

I liked how Rose and Nelly spoke about how those women have influenced their work as an artist and a journalist, respectively. It made me realize that Look What SHE Did! does more than simply tell the stories of women who deserve more credit. By talking about those who inspire us and sharing their stories, we are also talking about ourselves. We are revealing our own values and beliefs. The people we look up to give others insight into who we are and who we strive to be.

Rose and Nelly both spoke so gracefully, comfortably, candidly and passionately. I was impressed by Lucia, because I could tell she helped them feel comfortable. She made it feel as if they were having a normal conversation, just like Julie does. And when I transferred the data onto the computer, I admired Sophie’s beautiful camera work. I was so happy to have such a great team of girls working with me and making this all possible. I couldn’t help but feel extremely proud to be their fellow Archer girl and friend.

Although the shoot is complete, there is still a lot of work ahead. Once the videos are edited, we are going to plan a screening to further promote the organization. I hope we can create a model plan so that other schools could host a similar mentorship project themselves. And perhaps it is time for me to start planning my next video! Wherever the future takes us, I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store. I know that there are big and exciting things coming for LookWhatSHEDid!

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Joan Blades on Arlene Blum

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I’m delighted to share a new interview with the formidable Joan Blades (co-founder of, Moms Rising and Living Room Conversations — her recent TED Talk is nearing a million views!) Joan tells us about Dr. Arlene Blum, a scientist/mountaineer who led the first team of American women to scale Annapurna AND discovered the carcinogen in kids’ pajamas. Arlene continues to work to rid our world of toxins with The Green Policy Institute. Both of these women are really rather amazing and I think you’ll be inspired to hear Joan talk about her good friend Arlene.

We’ve also launched our NEW WEBSITE where you can search our growing library of videos as well as our database of Astonishing Women. You can search for women artists, scientists, activists, journalists, etc. We’re continuing to grow our archive this year with shoots in Los Angeles, Washington DC and New York City.

Look What SHE Did! was filmed as part of the Los Angeles Women’s March last weekend and we’re still flying high from the experience. We marched, chanted, carried signs and listened. The speeches were powerful. The message of the moment:

Let women speak.

Let them speak in their own ways, about things that matter to them. It’s an exciting time for women, for speaking truth and being heard, for addressing inequities we’ve all lived with for so long. And it’s an exciting time for our small non-profit. We’re proud to be part of this movement by telling stories of women who need to be recognized, women who’ve overcome obstacles like misogyny, harassment, abuse, poverty, lack of education and all the rest. Our videos encourage and inspire, reminding viewers of the power they have to make a difference, wherever they are, to make life better for all of us.

– Julie and the Look What SHE Did! team

Watch Joan’s video about Arlene Blum here

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