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Alison Dale on Candace Cable

Nine-time Paralympian Athlete Candace Cable didn’t like sports as a kid, but after a car accident resulted in a spinal cord injury that paralyzed her when she was 21, Candace discovered adaptive sports gave her a chance to feel fully alive again… and to be part of a community rather than staying isolated at home feeling sorry for herself. Since then Candace has committed her life not only to her own mind-blowing athletic achievements, which include being the first woman to medal in both Summer AND Winter Paralympic Games, but to effecting social change for all people with disabilities. Writer and Vice-Chair of the WGA Writers with Disabilities Committee Alison Dale tells us the story of this unstoppable woman who has inspired so many and continues to work tirelessly to bring the joy of sports to people of all abilities.


Director/Producer: Courtney Graham
DP: Johanna Coelho
Sound Recordist: Nancy Kwon
Editor: Lilit Aloyan
Sound Editor: Daniel Raphael
Assoc. Producer: Cara Harrington
Production Assistant: Jasmine Swift

More About…

Alison Dale


Alison Dale is a screenwriter, TV writer, journalist, YA author and Vice Chair of the Writers with Disabilities Committee at the WGAW. She created The Disability Scene which is in its fifth year and has become the committee’s signature event. She facilitates an MS Support Group in Los Angeles.

Candace Cable


Candace Cable is a nine-time Paralympian and Vice Chair of the Board of LA 2028. She was the first woman to medal in the Summer and Winter Paralympic Games. Cable is also a six-time winner of the Boston Marathon, women’s wheelchair division and winner of the first four Los Angeles Marathons.