Gwen Miller on Ada Lovelace

“She understood the true potential of the computer.”

Gwen Miller tells the story of "poetical scientist" and all around cool gal Ada Lovelace, creator of the first computer algorithm... in the 1840's! Ada was the only person of her day to fully grasp the possibilities for computers, or what were called then "analytical engines." She realized they could be used not only for crunching numbers, but for music, images, communication... while others only saw limits, this young woman saw the future because of her open and curious mind. Meet the remarkable Ada Lovelace.


Gwen Miller

Gwen Miller is Sr. Director, YouTube Strategy at Hearst. She specializes in working with creatives to use data-driven insights to create high-quality lifestyle programming, crafted to super-serve each show’s unique, one-of-a-kind audience. Previously, Gwen was VP Content at Kin, a digital women’s lifestyle company that brought recognizable talent such as Tia Mowry, Adrienne Houghton and Tori Spelling to the digital screen. Other past roles include Branded Entertainment Network, Endemol Shine, and Discovery Networks, among a variety of other entertainment companies. In her free time, Gwen attempts to find out how many books it’s feasible to read in one year (at last count: 240) and plays D&D.

Featured Woman

Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace was a mathematician who saw the potential in Professor Charles Babbage’s designs for what would become the modern computer. Because she saw capabilities in the “computing machine” beyond mere calculation, she is often hailed as one of the first computer programmers.