Norma Bastidas on Mimi Anderson

“There is something powerful in a woman refusing to age gracefully.”

At a relatively late age MIMI ANDERSON became an ultra-marathon athlete, breaking world records, defying all expectations about what a woman can do. She ran to gain control of her anorexia and to reclaim a powerful self-image. NORMA BASTIDAS also wanted to regain control of her body and her life after abuse and trafficking. Inspired by Mimi, Norma became a world-class ultra-marathon athlete, too, sharing 's Mimi's belief that age is no barrier to healing, health and power. In this male-dominated sport, these mighty women like to wear pink. As Mimi says, "I'm a girl and I'm coming." Take a listen -- it's never too late.


Norma Bastidas

In 2014, Norma Bastidas a single-mother, a survivor of sexual violence, human trafficking and ultra athlete broke the Guinness World Record for Longest Triathlon after swimming, biking and running 3,762 miles (6,054 km) from Cancún, Mexico to Washington, D.C. She views athletic feats as metaphors for the incredible trials faced every day by the survivors of sexual violence. Norma’s mission is to educate and empower, demonstrating to the world that one’s past does not dictate one’s future, and prove that everyday people are capable of making extraordinary strides in the fight against the problems facing the world today.

Featured Woman

Mimi Anderson

Mimi Anderson started racing at 40. Born in ’61, she married, had 3 kids, was ashamed of her body and profoundly anorexic. She knew she had to change. She started with a 13-mile run. And never quit. She is referred to, in the UK, as the “Granny of Ultras.” She loves endurance racing. In that male-dominated world, Mimi wears pink, to rub it in and to say, ‘hey, I’m a girl and I’m coming!’ Mimi had the fastest time crossing Ireland. Won the 6633 350-mile race in the Arctic Circle…her closest competitor was 21 miles behind her. She is a champion, humble and full of humor. She has taken up cycling and swimming and written a book, “Beyond Impossible: From Reluctant Runner to Guinness World-Record Breaker. Mimi has no intention of “growing old gracefully,” but rather, growing old full of live, challenge and wit.