Project Description

Susie Landau Finch on Milena Canonero

In 1984, a last minute request for film extras led Susie Landau Finch to the set of The Cotton Club where she was dressed by Academy Award-winning costume designer Milena Canonero. That perception-altering experience made a lasting impression on Susie, inspiring her to share Milena’s talent, insight and impressive legacy with the Look What She Did! community. Enjoy her story about discovering authentic beauty.


Director: Julie Hébert
DP: Sevdije Kastrati
Editor: Farrel Levy
Producer: Courtney Graham
Co-Producer: Jill Klein
Sound Recordist: Lorita De la cerna
PA/Photographer: Tegan Molloy
PA/Photographer: Kimberly Tompkins

More About…

Susie Landau Finch


Susie Landau Finch is a Writer-Producer-Director with a background in film and theater production. She has studied in London, at Hampshire College, and in the Department of Dramatic Writing at NYU. She has worked extensively for American Zoetrope in all aspects of film production under the aegis of Francis Ford Coppola’s LA and SF studios. Her producing credits include: Bram Stoker’s Dracula, The Spirit of ‘76, Traveling Light, and Wake, which received a Prism Commendation award.

Recently, she has adapted the feature The Doctor’s Wife from a novel of the same name, which she will direct with Fred Roos and Patrick Cunningham producing. She has served as US president for Vision Picture Co, an Australian Film Company and is a board member for the Blank Theatre Company in Hollywood and the Melrose Hill HPOZ. She teaches acting to directors at Chapman University.

Milena Canonero


Milena Canonero is an Italian costume designer, who has worked for both film and stage productions. She has won four Academy Awards for Best Costume Design, and been nominated for the award nine times.

Movie still from “A Clockwork Orange” (1971, Warner Bros./Hawk Films)