Project Description

Melinda White on Maggie Wilderotter

Business leader Melinda White lets us in on the powerful perspective of her mentor Maggie Wilderotter, a rare female Chairman of a Fortune Five Hundred company. Maggie makes herself available to employees and customers alike, modeling a kind of leadership with an emphasis on communication, and ensuring each individual feels respected and a vital part of the mission. Do women lead differently? Check out the interview and decide for yourself.


Director: Julie Hébert
DP: Ellie Ann Fenton
Editors: Farrel Levy & Franzis Muller
Producer/Sound: Courtney Graham
Co-Producer: Jill Klein

More About…

Melinda White


Melinda White is the West Region Area President for Frontier Communications. She’s been honored by The NY Chapter of NOW as a “Woman of Power and Influence” (2012), by Fierce Telecom as a “Woman in Wireline to Watch” (2014) and has been recognized as a Portland “Orchid Influential Woman Leader” (2015).

Maggie Wilderotter


For over ten years Maggie Wilderotter served as CEO of Frontier Communications, a Fortune 500 company. She is frequently identified as one of the Fifty Most Powerful Women in Business.