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Brighde Mullins on Jane Addams

Professor and poet Brighde Mullins talks about activist, Jane Addams, advisor to eight presidents, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and founder of the American Settlement House movement. Addams’ views on art, education, community and the widening gap between rich and poor are as relevant now as when she was alive. Give a listen to the brilliant Brighde Mullins on this important American heroine.


Director: Julie Hébert
DP: Kim Culotta
Producer/Sound: Courtney Graham
Co-Producer/Interviewee: Jill Klein
PA: Sarah Michelle Witt
Editors: Farrel Levy, Franzis Muller

More About…

Brighde Mullins


Brighde Mullins is a poet, playwright and professor at the University of Southern California. She lives in Los Angeles.

Jane Addams


Jane Addams was one of the most prominent reformers of the Progressive Era, helping to turn America to issues of concern to women, such as suffragism, the needs of children, local public health, and world peace.

Photo of Jane Addams from Bain News Service, Library of Congress, George Grantham Bain Collection