Molly Larkey on Audre Lorde

“Your silence will not protect you.”

AUDRE LORDE made it and social change work hand-in-hand. In the 1960s this was revolutionary. She would not be silent. Audre expressed herself through poetry, writing and founded a Movement as she pursued justice. Molly Larkey is moved and enlivened by Audre. When you watch, you will be too. 

Our storytellers share these astonishing women with us conversationally and unscripted; we fact-check afterwards and note any major discrepancies for accuracy.


Molly Larkey

Molly Larkey is a Los Angeles based artist whose work combines elements of language, painting, sculpture, architecture, and craft, using fluidity of form and function to propose alternatives to existing social systems. For Larkey, artworks are objects that convey meaning through their physical presence, and thereby impact the way that the body relates to the physical world. In her art, she suggests ways to imagine a world in which beneficial structures replace ones based in alienation and control. In 2019, she founded People’s Pottery Project, an artist-driven initiative whose mission is to empower formerly incarcerated women, trans, and nonbinary individuals through the arts.

Featured Woman

Audre Lorde

Audre Lorde lived her life fully as a writer, activist, feminist, lesbian, mother, poet, black woman and a librarian, A Poet Laureate of the state of New York and a founder of Intersectional Feminism she believed that “…poetry was not a luxury but a vital necessity of our existence…” Audre was able to integrate her multiple identities and social activism into art. Despite anger, criticism, and danger, Ms. Lorde spoke her truth. “Women are powerful and dangerous.”