Kate Rigg on Kartini

“She not only did the radical thing, she made sure people knew she was doing it.”

Actor/comedian/writer Kate Siahaan Rigg tells the riveting story of a young Indonesian woman, Raden Adjeng Kartini, who changed the fate of girls in her country, though she died before age 25. Born into an aristocratic family Kartini had the advantage of learning to read, but this didn't save her from the cultural practice of isolating girls before marriage. During her confinement she read widely and became a published author as a teenager, speaking out against polygamy and for the right of girls to be educated. Once married and allowed back into society, Kartini founded schools for girls, now called Kartini Schools. She was the first to speak up publicly for women's rights in Indonesia and her birthday is still celebrated there as Kartini Day. Listen to Kate Rigg's funny and emotional telling of this national heroine.


Kate Rigg

Originally from Canada and Australia with an Asian mom and splash of Spanish, Kate Rigg is a mixed race multicultural multilingual multi disciplinary art star. Kate has brought her literate, urban, multidisciplinary sensibility to performances, festivals and events all over the world including The Kennedy Center and The Smithsonian Institute. She tours internationally as the lead singer of the band “Slanty Eyed Mama.”

She is also the creator of several comedy based unscripted television shows: Dance Your Ass Off for NBC Universal (and as an international format), Cache Craze for YTV/ Disney XD, Tour Dates in pre-production now at TBS and Gonzo Girlz one of the first viral internet shows which was on the Sprint Versally Network, RIPE TV and Time Warner Adelphia doing monster numbers at the dawn of the internet.

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Raden Adjeng Kartini was a prominent Indonesian national hero from Java. She was also a pioneer in the area of education for girls and women’s rights for Indonesians. She took an interest in mysticism and opposed polygamy. Her advocacy for the education of girls was continued by her sisters. Kartini Schools were named for her and a fund established in her name to fund the education of girls. Her birthday is now celebrated as Kartini Day in Indonesia.