Julie Sgarzi on Gilda Frantz

“Agelessness is the ability to live with passion until the moment we die.”

“Agelessness is the ability to live with passion until the moment we die.” Dr. Julie Sgarzi tells us about Gilda Frantz, an 87-year old Jungian therapist who still sees patients and has just published her first book. Dr. Frantz turned to Jung’s insights and imagery in the face of immense losses in the middle of her life. The creative psychological work provided her a lifeline and she has extended that help to others for decades as a beloved and deeply respected scholar and clinician, with a few beautiful tips for us younger folk.


Julie Sgarzi


Julie has a background in strategic planning, business development and marketing, and currently mentors mid-career professionals. She also lectures on contemporary issues from a Jungian perspective.


Featured Woman

Gilda Frantz

Dr. Gilda Frantz is an esteemed Jungian Analyst who continues to practice into her late 80’s. She serves as Co-Editor-in-Chief of Psychological Perspectives and recently published her first book, Sea Glass.