Deborah Slater on Loie Fuller

“She was making art with electricity from the beginning of its existence.”

Meet serpentine dancer Loie Fuller! She pioneered modern dance using fabric, cutting-edge lighting technology and her own genius to revolutionize dance. Choreographer Deb Slater tells us about Loie’s lasting impact.


Deborah Slater

Deborah Slater is the Artistic Director of Deborah Slater Dance Theater, a visually gorgeous, acrobatic, talking dance company, dedicated to exploring social issues through collaborations in dance, text and music. Subjects include sleep, life after war, the death of a loved one and a near death experience. Next up, civility… Recent awards include the 2015 Della Davidson Prize for Innovations in Dance & Theater, two IZZIES in 2016 for Special Achievement and Visual Design for DSDT’s 25 th Anniversary performance of PRIVATE LIFE, NEA & Rainin Fdn Grants in 2017, an IZZIE nomination for Darren Johnston’s music for TIME’S ARROW in 2018, and Rainin, Mazza & Fleishhacker grants for their upcoming 30thAnniversary Productions.

Featured Woman

Loie Fuller

Loie Fuller was an American actress and dancer who was a pioneer of both modern dance and theatrical lighting techniques