Cyndi Finkle on Julia Margaret Cameron

“She saw the future of photography.”

Cyndi Finkle tells us the story of 19th century photographer Julia Margaret Cameron, a woman whose revolutionary eye changed the way we think about the camera lens. During a time where photography was a rigid and sterile craft, Julia shrugged off criticism of her technique to focus on how the images made her feel. Listen to Cyndi explain how Julia Margaret Cameron changed her life!


Cyndi Finkle

Cyndi Finkle is a multi-entrepreneur who has traveled the world as a photojournalist, fed crews on television shows such as Hell’s Kitchen, Wipe Out and The Biggest Loser, owns an art studio that offers camps and classes for kids and adults, and owns a cafe in Hollywood called Coffee + Food. She and her husband Temple like to build things and have renovated several homes across the country, including their current loft in Hollywood. Their 15-year-old daughter Sullivan makes life extraordinary.

Featured Woman

Julia Margaret Cameron

Julia Margaret Cameron was an iconoclastic photographer remembered for bringing art and expressiveness to the new science of photography.