Beatriz Vasquez on Teresita Gomez

“I could feel it in my heart as she was playing.That spirit and that light is there.”

The incomparable TERESITA GOMEZ conquered racism and classism to play on international stages as a renowned concert pianist reaching people from all walks of life. Choreographer Beatriz Vasquez tells us the story of Teresita, a child prodigy eavesdropping on music classes, teaching herself to play, while her janitor father cleaned the Palace of Fine Arts. Give a listen to this wonderful story.


Beatriz Vasquez

Beatriz Eugenia Vasquez, recognized choreographer, dancer and instructor, born in Bogota Colombia is the founder of 3-19 Dance Art “Where magical realism meets dance”. Her work has taken her to many of LA’s prestigious venues, from California Plaza, UCLA, USC, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Ford Theatre to Los Angeles Theater Center. She is the recipient of 2 awards, and a recognition from LA’s Mayor Eric Garcetti for her contributions in theatre in the Latinx community. Her full length dance theatre production of “Bewitched Writing” based on the life of Nobel prize winner of literature Gabriel Garcia Marquez premiered on 2019. She is also a ballet, yoga and fluid movement instructor with the City of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation, in the cities of Hollywood and West Hollywood.

Featured Woman

Teresita Gomez

A child piano prodigy, Teresita played, by ear. At 4 years old, a teacher heard her practicing and helped her enrol in the Institute of Fine Arts, in Medellin. Her first concert at age 10. Before entering university, she’d been rejected by a Catholic music school for being too dark-skinned. At 40, she was the Colombian Attache in Germany. Teresita has traveled the world bringing classical piano music to thousands of devoted fans. She introduced her beloved Columbian folk music and composer Carlo Jachino’s compositions to South American audiences and has promoted local artists and their specific sound. She has incorporated that sound into the colors and rhythms of her classical concerts. Teresita still performs and is an acclaimed Professor of Music at Universidad De Antioquia.