April Wolfe on Pancho Barnes

“If you want to ask for a raise, Pancho Barnes is your spirit animal.”

Want to know about an outrageous woman who broke all the rules with humor and an unshakeable sense of self? Take a break with Pancho Barnes, a fearless woman who escaped kidnappers by riding a horse across Mexico dressed as a man, repeatedly said ‘No!” to authority and beat Amelia Earhart’s speed record— and that’s just for starters. Writer/filmmaker April Wolfe shares the story of this bold adventuress who’ll capture your imagination and win your heart!


April Wolfe

April Wolfe is a novelist, journalist, filmmaker and the lead film critic at LA Weekly. She’s a fellow of the USC LA Institute for the Humanities and the nonprofit literary hub A Public Space and is the founder and producer of One Axe Plays, a film and theater collective for women writers, directors and performers. Her work has been published and screened many places, which you can find on her website.

Featured Woman

Pancho Barnes

During her lifetime, Pancho Barnes was renowned for her individuality, larger-than-life personality, creativity, entrepreneurship, humor, generosity and integrity. A legend in the aviation community, she was one of the first female pilots to be licensed in the United States, and one of the most respected pilots of the Golden Age of Flight.