Ann-Sophie Morrissette on Mollie Lowery

“I have a chance, I want to live, I'm grateful.”

Mollie Lowery saw a need and took action— to help homeless men.There was a program in place for women, but men were being left to fend for themselves so Mollie created a place for them using the innovative “Harm Reduction” model, which gets people housing first so they can address all the things that led to their homelessness. Ann-Sophie Morrissette tells us about Mollie’s inspirational life and insights, including having the wisdom to take time out to rejuvenate in nature. Take a listen.


Ann-Sophie Morrissette

Ann-Sophie is an Account Director at Fenton, a social change agency, where she supports nonprofits and foundations to elevate their strategic communications on issues ranging from affordable housing to healthcare to education. Previously, she served as Director of Communications and Policy at the Downtown Women’s Center (DWC), a nonprofit serving homeless and low-income women in downtown LA’s Skid Row. She has held positions at Cornerstone Theater and Center Theatre Group, and spent several years in London as part of the founding team of ROSA, the UK’s first women’s foundation.

Featured Woman

Mollie Lowery

Mollie Lowery was a pioneer in efforts to help people suffering from poverty, addiction and mental illness in the Los Angeles area. She founded Los Angeles Men’s Place, a skid row drop-in center for people with mental illness, and later helped expand it to Lamp Community, which provided permanent supportive housing that included counseling and other social services. Today, largely because of Lowery’s work, service providers understand the importance of housing in the recovery and support of impoverished populations.

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