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Laurel Ollstein on Jerrie Cobb

Laurel Ollstein discusses the intrepid Jerrie Cobb, an ace pilot who dreamed of becoming an astronaut. Despite out-performing many men Jerrie was prevented from competing for a spot in the original space program by Congress and Lyndon Johnson, who put an end to the idea of Lady Astronauts. At least for a time. But even this couldn’t keep Jerrie from flying. Check out this poignant story.


Director: Julie Hébert
DP: Kim Culotta
Producer/Sound: Courtney Graham
Co-Producer/Interviewee: Jill Klein
PA: Sarah Michelle Witt
Editors: Farrel Levy, Franzis Muller

More About…

Laurel Ollstein


Laurel is a writer, director and teacher, thrilled to be a part of Look What She Did!

Jerrie Cobb


Jerrie Cobb was a pilot who, by many accounts, should have been the first woman in space.