Laural Meade on the Intrepid Sara Bard Field

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Hey there pals, here we are in the dog days of August. Hope you’re finding time to relax in the shade with a cool sip of something yummy.

Here’s a pleasant little distraction for you, our latest entertaining story about a crazy-great woman who made a difference… but we’ve never heard of her. My lovely and talented friend, Playwright/Professor Laural Meade tells a lively tale about the independent-minded political activist Sara Bard Field. Give it a listen, and pass it on. Thanks!

Stay cool—

Laural Meade on the Intrepid Sara Bard Field

“When women come together, we change the world.”

Laural Meade wrote a play about a few intrepid suffragettes who barnstormed across the country in an unreliable car, without proper maps or even paved roads, to gather half a million signatures demanding a woman’s right to vote. She came away with a great respect for all of them, but especially Sara Bard Field, orator, activist, divorcée, forward-thinker. At a time of serious societal penalties for living outside the norm, Sara had the moxie to forge her own path. Take courage from the example of Sara Bard Field.

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