Our Story

Serving on Jury Duty in downtown Los Angeles, Julie Hébert and Jill Klein became curious about the prominent Criminal Courts building named after a woman they’d never heard of, Clara Shortridge Foltz.

They discovered Clara was a single mother of five who invented the Public Defender Program in the United States, among many other firsts in her remarkable lifetime. This led Julie and Jill to wonder— how many other amazing women have we not heard of? And what should we do about it? Over a couple of years, they spoke about ways to address the problem of important women being left out of the history books. It seemed a vast and insurmountable issue.

Spurred by a desire to do something— no matter how small— Julie hit on the idea of doing a short video in her backyard interviewing Jill talking about Clara. They could post it on social media. At least it would be something.

Julie called a producer friend of her daughter, Courtney Graham, and invited her for coffee, thinking they’d bat the idea around. Courtney loved the concept and in classic Courtney style said: “I can get a camera, want to do it next weekend?

The test run was exhilarating and they decided to produce a day of interviews. That first full shoot in the backyard was a high— an all-female crew interviewing six wonderful women (accomplished in their own right) telling meaningful stories about unknown, inspiring women. Everyone wanted more. Julie knew she had to have coffee with one more special person to make this work.

Farrel Levy immediately understood the value of the project and agreed to take the lead in editing what was quickly becoming a stream of interviews. Since then Farrel has brought on several of her AFI students to create a powerhouse team of young female editors.

At Look What SHE Did! we interview amazing women talking about other amazing women, ground-breaking visionaries who inspire with their achievements, their fearlessness, their dedication to making the world better. We want to know about these women, we want to discuss them, we want to remember them.