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As we pursue our mission of rewriting history one woman at a time we are honored to have made an impact with our work.

As of February 2018, Look What SHE Did! has over 7,000 Facebook followers (and growing every day!). In the last six months, we have had over 20,000 video views on Facebook alone. More importantly, we have had the pleasure of receiving many notes from storytellers, featured women, and viewers telling us how Look What SHE Did! is impacting them.


My 13 year old daughter and I love watching the Look What SHE Did! videos together. We started with Tamar Halpern’s passionate piece on Nellie Bly. We were so inspired by Nellie’s uninhibited ambition and deep commitment, and so touched by Tamar’s whole-hearted storytelling. The Look What SHE Did! videos only take a few minutes to view but are jam packed with important history we all need to know and communicated with great admiration and charisma.  It’s fun setting my smart phone over a bowl of ice cream with my daughter, to share these fantastic gems with each other.” – Viewer

Glowing to have been counted among so many gutsy broads. It’s a splendid project” – Sarah Blaffer Hrdy (Featured Woman)

Jerrie Cobb’s story is perfect for what Look What SHE Did!, because no one knows about this woman! And everyone should…all of these women we need to honor and know more about.” – Laurel Ollstein (Storyteller)

I’m so proud to be a part of Look What SHE Did!” – Laural Meade (Storyteller)

I was amazed by the energy and camaraderie among the entire team. There were older women and younger women all bustling about in the most professional way, but with an air of joy and relationship…” – Julie Sgarzi (Storyteller) on her shoot experience

Thanks so much for doing these…I find them so inspiring.” – Viewer

I showed your clip to my playwriting workshop and am going to do so again. Thanks for the inspiration” – Viewer

So inspiring and who doesn’t need to be inspired? Especially by a group of successful women?” – Viewer

With all the negativity around us, it is nice to see you exposing us to positive people who have had a hand in changing the world…Y’all are doing good work.” – Viewer

I know these will inspire so many people, as they have inspired me!” – Viewer

I just viewed all your interviews and not only were they fascinating and inspiring, but they made me take the time to think about the women who have shaped and inspired me…” – Viewer

This is just FANTASTIC! LOVE love love love love it! – Viewer

When I first saw the announcement of this series, I couldn’t imagine how it could be substantive in such a short time period. Then I watched the one on Gilda — who was my analyst years ago.  And found it entirely engaging. Naomi told me that you had asked her to create one on my work.   After she told me about it, I watched almost all the interviews and was rapt. I was particularly taken by form, the close up camera in the garden. I am deeply moved and honored to be included and hope my presence will serve the future. – Deena Metzger (Featured Woman)

I loved that interview with Jill Klein–I love her look– and I loved hearing about/seeing Merian’s work…..must find out more about her. Thanks for all you’re doing with this series………! – Viewer

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