“Over time…the barriers seem to get larger and women’s belief that there is opportunity ahead diminishes— and along with it their willingness to keep pushing,” even though “women never lose their belief in their abilities.”

Unlocking the Full Potential of Women in the US Economy
McKinsey & Company

When you combine the relentless statistics about underrepresentation and underpayment of women across most fields of employment with the stories of harassment and abuse that led to Time’s Up and #MeToo, it is easy to see why women lose the willingness to keep fighting.

These statistics, while true, do not paint the whole picture. The narrative has been “women are being suppressed from their full potential”, but that’s only half the story.

Women throughout history have been inventing, leading, organizing, creating and making the world a better place despite gender injustice. If women knew about these stories that have been kept from them, would they have the willingness to persevere? At Look What SHE Did!, we believe they would.

Sincerely applaud what you are doing, SO important. – Geena Davis

“With all the negativity around us, it is nice to see you exposing us to positive people who have had a hand in changing the world…Y’all are doing good work.” – Viewer

The Geena Davis Institute found that, “female role models in film and TV are hugely influential in driving women to improve their lives.” Our stories of real women who have accomplished amazing things against great odds are adding to this cultural influence, inspiring confidence and disrupting stereotypes of what women are capable of.

As of May 2018, Look What SHE Did! has over 8,000 Facebook followers (and growing every day!). In the last six months, we have had over 20,000 video views on Facebook alone. More importantly, we have had the pleasure of receiving many notes from storytellers, featured women and viewers telling us how Look What SHE Did! is impacting them.

“I just viewed all your interviews and not only were they fascinating and inspiring, but they made me take the time to think about the women who have shaped and inspired me…” – Viewer

“I needed that presentation, in my soul. And if I felt that way, well, surely I’m not the only one. Thanks for making this world a better place.” – Mikki Brisk