Women's History Month Campaign

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We're raising $60K during the month of March to film and share stories of women who changed the world.

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Why We’re Raising Money

Look What SHE Did! relies on donors like you to create our broadcast-quality films about women who changed the world. We work with a professional crew of female filmmakers and have produced more than 120 short films of women’s stories (and counting!). 2021 is shaping up to be an exciting year and with so many opportunities for growth, we need your support now more than ever.

Look What SHE Did! is delighted to announce our alliance with the National Women’s History Museum in Washington, D.C. The museum will house our collection of 120+ films about women who changed the world, bringing these vital stories to a wider audience and ensuring their continuation into the future. We’re raising funds to archive and catalog our film collection to prepare it for future exhibits with the museum.

Also on the slate for 2021-22, we are creating a new series of short films highlighting women activists from California, a project that is partially funded by the California Arts Council. With your help, this campaign will provide the rest of the money needed to fully fund our next round of film shoots.

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“Look What SHE Did! is not a project– it’s a movement.”


About Look What SHE Did!

Look What SHE Did! is a nonprofit organization with the mission to inspire women and girls to greatness by bringing to light stories of remarkable women who changed the world. We create short films and events featuring female storytellers celebrating women who inspire them, freely offering our library of inspirational stories to be viewed, discussed and enjoyed.

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Your Donations at Work

Every donation to our Women’s History Month campaign goes toward filming, editing and sharing these films with the world. No donation is too small and every bit helps. Take a look at examples of where your donations help us the most.

$100 Donation

SOUND. Your gift supports professional sound recording which amplifies the voices of our storytellers and all women. Filming outdoors is a challenge that our sound recordist expertly navigates to give our stories the clearest voice.

$250 Donation

EDITING. Your gift goes toward the first-class editing of our films. Hours and hours of interviews are condensed into dynamic and inspirational short films joyfully expressing the stories of amazing women.

$500 Donation

CAMERAS. Your gift supports state-of-the-art camera equipment rental and our brilliant cinematographers so we can continue producing gorgeous, high quality, broadcast-ready films that bring unsung women into the light.

$1,000 Donation

MATCH. Your gift helps us match our $22K California Arts Council grant. We are thrilled to receive this competitive grant that requires us to raise matching contributions for our next film series, telling the stories of female activists from California.

$5,000 Donation

CURATE. Your gift goes toward archiving a film series for the National Women’s History Museum in Washington D.C., ensuring these vital stories of women reach a broader audience and endure into the future.

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Look What SHE Did! is celebrating Women’s History Month & we invite you to join our community of champions to ensure that the stories of women who changed the world are filmed, shared and archived to inspire women and girls to dream big and achieve boldly! Sign up today to be a Look What SHE Did! Fundraiser. It’s quick and easy to get started, and you can share your fundraising page in just minutes. Top Fundraisers receive custom badges, special donor perks and surprise thank you’s, but most importantly, you help tell #HerStory of courage, perseverance and resilience, NOW, when we all need it most!

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Thank You to Our Sponsors

Presenting Sponsors
Ellen Gavin & Melinda White
Edgar Martien
John & Marilyn Wells Family Foundation

Supporting Sponsors
Kathleen Abernathy
Mary Curtis
Lisa Greer
Sonay Hoffman
Amy Holden-Jones
Mame Hunt
Dee Johnson & Kim Kralj
Rose Lopez & Joe Guerra

Honorary Hosts
Ann Aiken
Kathy Baker
Steve Coats
Michele DeRosa
Isa Dick Hackett
Dody Dorn
Janice Hebert
Cathy Lewis
Loveland Carr Group
Kathleen Nelson
Jon Neustadter
Monica Rosenthal
Matthew & Jennifer Rowland
Julie Sgarzi
Julie Shapiro
Robin Swicord
Debra Walker
JoAnne Yarrow

Sara Axelbaum
Carol Barbee
Dena Bloom
Hanley Bodek
Janna Bodek Harris
Marnie Bodek & Ed Moss
Eileen Brown
Trish Cantillon
Cynthia Comsky
Leigh Curran
Jason DeMarco
Faith & Community Empowerment
Linda Gach Ray
Thalia Gelbard
Dorothy Henriques
Lisa Howe
Laura Innes & Dave Brisbin
Shelby Jiggetts-Tivony
Kevin Kelly
Jill Klein
Alexandra Leichter
Farrel Levy
Kelly Martin
Laura Poppiti
Mark Richard
Martha Richards
Sharyn Ross
Schenae Rourk
Laurie Schechter
Catherine Scott
Colette Shelton
Sonia Silverstein
Anna Thomas
Shelly Westerman

Look What SHE Did! Leadership

Devorah Moos Hankin, Chair
Janna Bodek Harris, Vice-Chair
Mary Curtis
Cornelia Emerson
Courtney Graham
Julie Hébert
Farrel Levy
Rose Lopez
Julie Sgarzi
Julie Shapiro
Arleen Sorkin

Staff Leadership
Julie Hébert, Executive Director
Sylvia Hathaway Chavez, Managing Director
Courtney Graham, Producing Director
Farrel Levy, Lead Editor

Advisory Circle
Kathleen Abernathy
Sara Axelbaum
Joan Blades
Cynthia Cleveland
Priscilla Cohen
Denise Denson
Ellen Schned
Ellen Gavin
Barbra Higgins
Mame Hunt
Shelby Jiggetts-Tivony
Barak Kassar
Cathy Lewis
Michael Miller
Randa Minkarah
Laura Poppiti
Melinda White